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Sri Lanka’s gems are the stuff of legend. Its sapphires, rubies, cat’s eyes and alexandrite and A to Z range in semi-precious varieties from amethyst to zircon, area famed world-wide today as they were in ages past. Amrutham Gems is one of Sri Lanka’s Leading exporters of precious gem and jewellery. Its glittering success story built on commitment to uncompromising quality, customer confidence and trust, critical facets in the gem and jewellery trade. To match the impeccable quality and dazzling glamour of their merchandise, Amrutham Gems display and sell in luxurious showrooms in prestigious locations at Srilanka as well as in India.

In India Amrutham Gems will launch shortly Govt. uthorized well equipped   gem testing lab, lapidary, Jewellery manufacturing unit and magnificent showrooms, a top attraction for tourist and local patrons.


We have also kept abreast with technology and have opened a state-of-the-art 3 story fully Air-conditioned Office in Kerala (India), which houses a modern office, well laid out showroom, batik and handicrafts centre, a big draw for foreign and local shoppers. Apart from units in showrooms, Amrutham Gems has a Jewellery factory and a lapidary section.Amrutham Gems participate in leading gem and Jewellery events world-wide and keeps updated on latest trends, design and developments with a dynamic international sales team led by the Managing Director Mr. Amrutham Reji.